Advantages in raising quail free range instead of in cages

Advantages in raising quail free range instead of in cages are the following:

  • Since there is more space available for the birds, they receive no bruises resulting in more compact and
  • higher quality meat.
  • The birds’ stress decreases.
  • The mortality rate of the offspring decreases.
  • Their wings do not break so easily.

Most of the slaughterhouses only accept meat from free range quails, on the basis of the animal welfare legislation established by the World Organisation for Animal Health.

In this sense BALBAT S.L., with more than 20 years of experience, has decided to make the PAT hopper, be the only hopper manufacturer for quails within Spain.

This hopper has the following advantages:

  • The height of the plate. It is the exact size so that the quails can eat on the first day that they are born. The holes are designed to prevent birds from getting inside, and to avoid them delving into the food, smashing it or leaving their excrements on it, all which would result in a loss of food.
  • The little hole helps the feed to be refilled constantly and enables the birds to always eat it always clean. There is a sensor inside that detects the food shortage.
  • The hopper’s cone is more pronounced so that the feed always goes down and prevents it from getting stuck.
  • Feed conversion with quail’s meat can reach 2.3 kg of feed per 1kg of meat.
  • We set up this fully automatic system in farms for up to 140,000 quails.
  • In addition, an automated system for quail’s drinkers is also available. This system is made up of small and light nipples, which are extremely touch-sensitive in order to enable the young birds to drink from birth, avoiding a high mortality rate. The first days of life are critically important.
  • It is easily disassembled and it is also used for baby chickens as shown in the figure below.